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Let's work together for safer online transactions.

We all shop online because it's convenient and saves lots of time. But there are online threats to consider, too. To help ensure the security of your online transactions, we want you to know we will never email, call or otherwise ask you for your user name, password or other electronic banking credentials.

You can also help protect yourself when you're shopping online.

  • Make sure you choose an adequate username and password that, at a minimum, mixes in small case letters, upper case letters and numbers.
  • Change your password periodically, such as every 90 days.
  • Keep your username and password information away from others.
  • Make sure you have a firewall in place when conducting your financial transactions.
  • Log off your computer when you’re done shopping.

Also, monitor your account activity on a regular basis and quickly report any errors or purchases you didn't make. See the Electronic Fund Transfer disclosures that were provided when you opened your Beacon account to learn more about federal regulations that protect you.

If you become aware of suspicious account activity, you should immediately contact the authorities and contact us at the number listed below.

Beacon Federal Credit Union (281) 471-1782

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