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When something happens, we'll help get you through it.

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes the surprises lift our spirits, put love in our hearts and deposit extra money in our pockets. Other times, the unexpected isn't nearly as pleasant. Beacon Federal Credit Union and our partners at TruStage® Insurance offer great rates on a variety of policies that can protect you, your family and your finances when things don't go as planned.

  • TruStage® is an industry leader that's been serving credit union members for over 80 years
  • Favorable rates for credit union members
  • Compare policies offering various types of coverage
  • See instant quotes based on your budget
  • Apply online or over the phone
  • 24/7 claims service offers fast results

TruStage® Life Insurance

From savings accounts to retirement plans, you're always preparing for the future. A life insurance policy is one more important way to make sure your family enjoys long-term financial stability.

  • Choose from a wide range of whole life and term life policies
  • Provide your family with tax-free benefits after you pass away
  • Funds can be used for anything, from mortgage and debt payments to funeral costs
  • Call TruStage® for a no-obligation discussion of what type of policy might be best for you

There's absolutely nothing more important than your family's health. If your employer doesn't offer health benefits, you can obtain affordable coverage from a trusted source.

  • Open enrollment period runs from November 1 until December 15.
  • Potentially save hundreds of dollars* a month in comparison to similar policies
  • About 83% of consumers who enrolled last year qualified for subsidies.**
  • Health insurance is made available for TruStage® through GoHealth LLC
  • Call 1-888-416-2166 to speak with GoHealth advisors and find the right plan for you and your family

*Families who qualified for the Advance Premium Tax Credit saved an average of $383 per person per month on their health insurance when they shopped through the health insurance marketplace (based on CMS 2017 open enrollment data).

**83% of those who enrolled qualified for the Advance Premium Tax Credit to lower the cost of their health insurance (based on CMS-2017 OE data).

Transmissions and suspensions, electrical systems and air conditioning. There's a lot that can go wrong with your car, truck or SUV. A Major Mechanical Protection plan can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars when you need major repairs.

  • Coverage kicks in when manufacturer warranty expires
  • Covers labor and parts
  • Get work done at any repair shop or dealership
  • Affordable cost that can be rolled  into your monthly auto loan payment

Like most people, you usually make your car payment like clockwork. But even the most responsible person can lose their job, suffer a disabling injury or otherwise encounter economic hardship. When that happens, our Auto Loan Protection plan can help you make your monthly loan payments and protect one of you biggest investments - your car.

  • Make your monthly payments or pay off your entire loan
  • Protect your credit rating
  • Prevent late fees
  • Protect your family and your possessions
  • Free-up extra cash
  • Pay benefits in addition to any other insurance you may have

As a responsible driver, you have traditional auto insurance that covers collision and liability costs. But your policy might not cover as much as you think. GAP - Guaranteed Asset Protection - helps protect your finances under more extreme circumstances.

  • Covers you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair
  • Pays the difference between your insurance company's payoff and what you still owe on your auto loan
  • Protects your finances so you have more to spend on a replacement vehicle
  • Available only if your vehicle was financed through Beacon Federal Credit Union
  • Affordable fees can be rolled into your monthly loan payment

Beacon Insurance Services LLC is always looking out for you and your family. Come see us for affordable rates on the following types of policies - and many others

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Business
  • Pets

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