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Call us any time.

The numbers are 281-470-8925 or 1-800-868-6945.

Your spare time today? About 6 minutes. You have a better chance of winning the Texas Lottery than getting to your local credit union. But no worries. You can simply call our Personal Account Line (PAL), a fast, user-friendly phone service that lets you manage your money 24/7. For busy people like you, a PAL like that can be a real BFF.

  • No fees for our PAL service
  • Check account balances
  • Transfer funds between Beacon FCU accounts
  • Find out which checks have cleared
  • Make loan payments
  • Order new checks

An Easy Call To Make

  • Dial 281-470-8925 or 1-800-868-6945
  • Select your language. Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish.
  • Enter your account number plus the first two letters of your last name, followed by the # button
  • Next enter your password, followed by the # button
  • Follow the simple instructions given by the PAL Teller

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