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Really, financial education can be kind of fun.

A few things you need to know: A loan shark isn't a real animal. Credit isn't only something you get for acing a college class. And security goes way beyond the beefy guys at your favorite nightspot. At Beacon Federal Credit Union, we offer "It's a Money Thing" to provide young adults with easy, amusing ways to learn about financial topics, so you can better manage your money - and shape your lifestyle.

  • Money Basics: Easy-to-read articles and animated videos on everything from paycheck tax deductions to insurance policies.
  • Understanding Credit: Find out how to choose a credit card and boost your credit score.
  • Saving Tips: Learn how to set a budget, save for the long haul and plan for retirement.
  • All About Loans: Read about debt reduction strategies and the best ways to borrow for college.
  • Security: Get inside information on avoiding Internet scams and ID theft.
  • Adulting: Everything from tracking down your dream job to supporting local businesses.

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