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Hey, life happens. We won't hold it against you.

As kids, we called it a do-over. When you tried to do something and fell short of success, you claimed the right to take another crack at it. Good news! The same rules apply at Beacon Federal Credit Union. If you've made some mistakes with money or run up a sizable debt, we have a checking account that has the features you need to get your finances back on track.

  • Minimum balance of $25
  • Monthly fee of $12
  • Debit card available at no charge
  • Electronic Bill Pay services available
  • Fast-track your paycheck into your account with Direct Deposit
  • Coverage of up to five insufficient fund fees
  • Complete a free Debt in Focus program

Features shared by all our checking accounts

  • Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Access to thousands of ATMs across the country and worldwide
  • Free debit card with EMV chip technology for added security
  • Monthly eStatements detailing your account activity

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