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Credit Card Conversion

We are excited to announce that we are updating and upgrading our credit card experience in February 2024.  Introducing a newly designed Beacon Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card. New card, new look, and new features!

Uninterrupted Account Access

Continue to use your BeaconBlue Mastercard until February 24th, 2024.  In the coming months, cardholders will receive their new Beacon Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card in the mail.  Be sure to follow the directions on the insert included with your new card.  

Continued Convenience and Security - Enjoy all the great benefits of your old BeaconBlue Mastercard!

  • Faster than writing checks
  • Zero liability for unauthorized purchases
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Unsurpassed card acceptance
  • Digital Wallet supported
  • No Annual Fee

Great Benefits


♥  Contactless tap and go technology 
♥  Manage account with Card Controls 
♥  Beacon FCU reward Program 
♥  VISA ID Theft Protection 
♥  VISA Global Service 
♥  Plus, more! 



Things To Do When You Get Your New Card:

  • Update online bill pay services tied to your current Beacon FCU credit card with your new 16-digit Beacon Federal Credit Union VISA Credit Card number and billing address.
  • Re-establish any recurring payments, cash apps, and mobile wallet with your new credit card information to avoid payment interruptions.
  • Access EZ Card to download eStatements before the February 24th conversion date.
  • If mailing credit card payments, send your payment to our new Credit Card billing address:

                    Beacon Federal Credit Union
                    P.O. Box 660493
                    Dallas, TX 75266-0493


Reward Points:

If you earn reward points with your current BeaconBlue Mastercard today, you will continue to earn rewards for transactions performed through February 24th, 2024. If you currently have unused ScoreCard rewards points, you have until March 25th, 2024 to redeem them.  After that, any unused reward points will be transferred to our new rewards program.

*As part of the conversion, ScoreCard rewards points will accrue through January 25th, 2024 and then stop.  Rewards will start accruing on the new rewards program after that.  Points accrued on the new rewards program will be available for redemption on or after March 25th, 2024.


December 2023 Account Statement Announcement - New Visa Credit Card Coming 2024!

Continue to use your Beacon Blue Master Card through Saturday, February 24th

01/04/2024 An email and an Online/Mobile Banking message announcing the upcoming credit card conversion were sent out. No action is needed.

01/09/2024 A social media post with access to our timeline will be posted, 

02/05/2024 A second email message accouncing the upcoming credit card conversion were sent out.  No action needed.

In the upcoming weeks, current credit cardholders will receive emails and mail communications explaining the features of the new card and instructions on how and when to activate the card. 

  • Continue to use your BeaconBlue MasterCard through February 24th, 2024.
  • Activate your new card on or after Sunday, February 25th. Call the number on the sticker to activate on or after February 25th
  • Do not cut up your old card (BeaconBlue MasterCard) until Sunday, February 25th
  • Recurring Charges- do not forget to notify service providers and update your credit card information. Your card number, expiration date,
    PIN and security code will be changing.
  • If you need to set a PIN, call 1.888.886.0083.

02/26/2024 Following the conversion, members can access their credit card transactions, make payments, and more directly from online banking and the Beacon Federal Credit Union mobile app without a third-party website like EZCard.  

* More credit and debit card features to follow including card on/off controls, alerts, travel notifications, and more.

Credit Card Conversion FAQs

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