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The gift that leads to happier birthdays and merrier Christmases.

No, she doesn't like that style. No, he definitely doesn't wear that size. And sorry, they gave up that hobby years ago. When you're buying presents for friends or family, it's easy to go wrong. A better idea? Give a Visa® Gift Card. It's the equivalent of cash, which means the person receiving it can choose something that's just right.

  • Purchase gift cards at Beacon FCU locations
  • A great choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings and other special occasions
  • Choose whatever amount you want to give
  • It can be used online or in any store where Visa® credit cards are accepted
  • Unlike cash, cards can be replaced if they are lost or stolen

Reloadable Visa® Cards

It looks like a debit or credit card, but it's not connected to any account. Instead, a reloadable Visa® card is a safe, easy way to make purchases in Texas and beyond. Just decide how much you want to spend, put that amount on the card and take it along next time you go shopping or on vacation.

  • Reload the card anytime with any amount
  • Never pay any interest charges
  • Avoid running up debt
  • Use it to teach teens financial responsibility
  • Shop on the web as well as in stores
  • Check card balances online
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