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We've got your back.

In the event that the credit union is closed due to inclement weather please remember that you do have access to your accounts via:

Member Loan Payments

Beacon FCU  will automatically defer for one month all up to date consumer loan payments due during a determined time period (most often from the date of the storm through 2 weeks after). Members will not pay a skip a pay fee and will still be eligible to apply for an additional extension if circumstances warrant.  Interest charges will continue to accrue.

Credit Card Payments

Will be waived automatically for the month in which the storm struck (or for the following month if storm occurred at month-end.) For example, Hurricane Harvey struck August 25 – 28, so September credit card payments were waived. Credit Card payments must be up to date to qualify for a waiver.


Beacon FCU will automatically defer all mortgage payments for one month.  Members needing additional deferments must contact the Real Estate Department.  Mortgage payments must be up to date to qualify for automatic deferment.  Beacon will not charge a fee for this modification nor will a late fee be charged.

Emergency Recovery Loans

Beacon FCU will offer a discounted rate on unsecured loans – usually 2% less than the rate the member would normally pay.  The first payment is deferred for 60 days and the term of the loan is 12 months. This is offered to existing members only who live in designated impacted areas.


Foreign ATM fees will be waived for up to 10 days. Other fees will be reviewed for inclusion as a policy is reviewed.

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